The Only Source of Happiness


Our celebration of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is not one week behind us. Most of us in the US have now experienced social distancing and having church through virtual means for the past 6 weeks. Some people are struggling because they’ve lost their jobs or are going through some type of anxious experience with getting government loans. Others are still working the same as they always have because their job either requires that or their job doesn’t require social gatherings or in-person meetings. I’ve seen a quote that talks about how even if we don’t have the same job or the same circumstances as we had before with money or security, we still all of that same Lord, Jesus Christ. How true that is.

I enjoyed hearing this morning in our service @CrossChurch about the Samaritan Women at the Well. We are all looking and longing for something in our lives. She was longing for acceptance and love. She had wanted it so badly but had tried 5 times and hadn’t succeeded with different marriages that had gone wrong. She, like all of us, wanted to be happy. Don’t we all want to be happy? Many things in life can bring us a feeling of happiness but everything fades in time if it’s not from the source of all LIFE. Jesus Christ told this woman that she could find everlasting happiness in Him. He is the creator and source of life for all of us. So only through Him, can we find true happiness.

I love verses 25 and 26 from that story in John 4. She brings up that the Messiah is coming and that when He did, He would explain everything. Then Jesus said, “I am He, the One speaking to you.” Once she heard this, she went and told the men in the town and they came to meet Jesus. Because of the women’s testimony, verse 39 tells us that many Samaritans from that town believed in Him. That’s a great story. Jesus was intentional about where he was going, when He would be at that well to meet the women, and how and when He would reveal that He is the Messiah. God has been intentional with us and how He has pursued our hearts and our lives too.

I hope you realize today, that Jesus Christ is the only source of true happiness. He can give you eternal life and He can help you experience the best this life has to offer too.


Intend to Live